Australian Parliament Sports Club

It's Not Goodbye, But Au Revoir!

John Alexander's last match as a sitting MP on the Parliament Courts

With the 46th Parliament coming to a close we have been busy farewelling esteemed members.

We kicked off the week with a Rugby Union Reunion bringing together all members of the Club who had played since our triumphant Parliamentary Rugby World Cup campaign in 2003.

The day commenced with training and touch football with the Classic Wallabies. We were indebted to David Pocock, who broke from the campaign trail to take on the sitting parliamentarians  at RMC Duntroon. Aided by Morgan Turinui, Ben Alexander, Sam Norton Knight and Tom Cusack it was a feast of exceptional rugby with the old and the new, Peter King and Garth Hamilton combining to secure victory for Parliament. 

At the Reunion dinner we farewelled Joel Fitzgibbon, Warren Snowdon and Chris Hayes. The stories were numerous, none fanciful, and many fond memories were rekindled. We welcomed back  Mal Brough, Robert McClelland, Peter King, Craig Emerson, Bruce Billson, Stuart Henry, Grant Chapman et al. A fun night and special mention to other retiring members in attendance, Damian Drum and Andrew Laming.

With thanks to our host Lt Col Mat Brooks and to our sponsor Amanda Lampe from Diageo.

The final sitting day for the House of Representatives saw us see off John Alexander on a glorious autumnal morning with another masterclass from a legend who taught colleagues how to improve  their tennis whilst enjoying the camaraderie that sport brings.

Thank you to all sports club members retiring at this election.


Joel Fitzgibbon      2003 Parliamentary Rugby World Cup 

                           2006 NZ Tour 

                           2006 - 2022 Golf Kingston Heath onwards

Warren Snowdon   2003 Parliamentary Rugby World Cup

                            2006 NZ Tour

                            2007 Battle of Ballymore

                            2007 Tug of War

Chris Hayes           2006 NZ Tour

                            2007 Battle of Ballymore

                            2007 Tug of War

Damian Drum        2006 - 2022 Golf Kingston Heath onwards

Andrew Laming      2005 - Rugby v State & Territories

                            2009 - 2020 Australian Open Tennis

                            2016 - Multi sport tour to NZ

Steve Irons            2007 - 2020 Golf

                             2008 Cricket v Press Gallery

Nicolle Flint            2016 Parliamentary Netball World Cup

Sharon Bird.           2006 - 2013 Netball v New Zealand onwards

John Alexander       2010 - 2020 Australian Open Tennis 

                             2010 - 2022 Golf

Greg Hunt               2007 Parliamentary Ashes


Combined Rugby Squad 2003-2022