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Sustainable Sport Award: Football United

The Hon Peter Slipper MP presents the Sustainable Sport Award to Anne Bunde-Birouste, Director of Football United.

slipper bundebirouste

Football United is a leading organisation that uses football for social development. It is important to understand why football is seen as a tool that can be used to better society.

When young refugees arrive in new communities there is often an added dimension of practical challenges, such as learning new languages, cultural and societal values. Refugees from conflict impacted areas often carry emotionally traumatic experiences with them, such as loss of, or separation from family members, torture or life threatening events.

Football, in particular, is an ideal tool to foster socialisation. It is inexpensive, enjoys worldwide enthusiasm and is designed as a non-­‐violent sport. It is played by both genders, thus is non-­‐exclusive. It provides transferable skills of fair play, tolerance, inclusion and understanding of oneself, team mates and opponents alike. It teaches responsibility, winning, losing and participation. It can address diverse and complex issues, such as children’s rights, peace building, education, health promotion and anti‐discrimination.

Sport For All Award: Australian Paralympic Committee

Steph Brantz interviews Jason Hellwig, CEO of the Australian Paralympic Committee, after receiving the Sport For All Award.

brantz hellwig

The Australian Paralympic Committee helps Australians with disabilities participate in sport and compete at the Paralympic Games through partnerships with governments, business, sporting bodies and the community.The 2012 team, a 161-strong team has been the country’s most successful in its Paralympic history, including trumping the Sydney contingent.The swim team highlighted that performance, raking in 18 gold medals and bettering the previous best of 14 in 2000.