Australian Parliament Sports Club

Sunrise to Sunset

The sun rises for the launch of the Legacy Cup

From sunrise to sunset sport keeps on shining 

Despite all night sittings, covid outbreaks and some notable valedictories, the Club's sport minded parliamentarians continued to demonstrate the benefits to physical and mental well being to the body and mind. In one 24 hour period in the last sitting fortnight parliamentarians played football against former Matilda's just two hours after the House rose at 5:00am, in support of the Legacy Cup. 

12 hours later they assembled at Hotel Realm to celebrate the parliamentary and sporting achievements of retiring member John Alexander. It is a testimony to both the popularity of JA and the stamina of members, that attendance increased throughout the day resulting in us moving to a larger room. And then, just 26 hours after the House had risen from it's Wednesday sitting, tennis members of all standards took part in the inaugural 'JA 'Cup. An outstanding effort by all participants. It is somewhat fitting therefore that the first winner of the JA Cup, indeed our most famous and successful sportsman is......John Alexander. Congratulations John on your successful careers across sport, broadcasting, business and politics.

Graham Perrett and Grace Gill championing football's legacy.

Left and right joining forces for football's legacy, watched on by the media

Perrett lies down for the first time in 24 hours

The inaugural 'JA' Cup winner John Alexander

1982 AO Doubles Grand Slam Winners Alexander and Fitzgerald renew their partnership 40 years on


Kevin Hogan

Peter Khail

Still going strong at sunset


Bill Thomas and Scott Nargar from Hyundai with JA and Josh Frydenberg