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SAVING THE BEST UNTIL LAST - Press vs Pollies Feb 2020

Another great swimming competition saw 20 Parliamentarians and 10 from the Gallery compete in the final event of the Comp. Images of Thorpe, Hackett, Fraser and Campbell most definitely did not come to mind. Swimming was the winner as Jane Norman led her team to victory in the absence of long time skipper Greg Jennett.

In summary, the Gallery raced to a 3-0 lead last week in Touch, Netball and Soccer before take back Thursday brought Parliamentary victories in AFL and Tennis. Competition victory was secured by the Gallery in the Cricket and hammered home in the Swimming. Congratulations to all involved and particularly the Press Gallery who dug deep enough to secure an impressive victory.

Until! was realised there was a problem


In dramatic circumstances at the end of the race a protest was lodged concerning the status of the Competition. Representatives from Parliament contended that the request to reschedule the Competition from November to Feb/March required (in legislation and standing orders retrospectively enacted after the Competition had ended) that the person requesting the change, one Greg Jennett, was required to be in the country and participating at the time of the re-scheduled Competition. As this was not the case the victory should be forfeited.

VERDICT - The Court has ruled that in the true spirit of parliamentary sport the Trophy will be jointly held until the end of November 2020 whereupon the Gallery will hold it until the commencement of the 2021 Comp.

PP AFL 2020.163050

Damian Drum explaining to Peter Khalil that what he says and what he does are two completely different things.Fortunately for the Pollies they still ran out winners.

PP Cricket 2020.163125

To mark the T20 Women's World Cup Fleta Page outshone the men to take 4-28 in the Parliamentary T20 and seal victory in the Cricket and the series.

Touch and Go

The elite athletes of Parliament House assembled on the Senate oval Tuesday morning. The Gallery started off strongly and took an early lead. They were dragged back with dogged determination by the Pollies who could have fielded three teams, such is the lure of putting one on the Gallery. Iggulden and Joyce went tap for tap before Fallinski's swan like dive brought the pollies back into the game. There were some questionable decisions but a 3-3 draw was a fitting result.

Wednesday was all about the Gallery running out winners in both netball (score unknown) and football 1-0 in what was the tightest and best game in recent memory.

Ok ok ok I retract....the Gallery running out worthy winners in the touch 4-3.


PP Netball 2020.102519PP Netball 2020 2.102536


PP Football 2020.103821